Fracking Pillow Tanks

The fracking pillow tanks are designed to offer large storage capacities in a single unit with a capacity of up to 110,00 gallons in one tank. The tanks can easily be joined to give extra capacity if required. Pillow tanks are perfect for temporary storage of field site fluids, oil, fracking water and other related fluids.

Due to the flexible nature of the material pillow tanks are an economical alternative to steel tanks, they take up less area and hold more fluids.

Ultra-flex Polyethylene


  • Simple installation
  • Completely stable. A flat level ground is the only requirement
  • Available in several sizes and volumes
  • Eyelets , outlets, Valves and other fittings can be added as required
  • Pillow tanks can be connected to each other to increase storage capacity
  • High Chemical resistance in a wide range of temperatures( -30 to + 60 C
  • Design life exceeding 25 years
  • 10 years warranty material
  • 100% recycable
  • If damaged the bag can easily be repaired by highly skilled Technician’s.
  • Easy to clean out, and store


  • CE Marking
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification in manufacturing process of liner
  • Certificate Storage Water


The Pillow Tanks are manufactured in our UK factory, by highly skilled technicians. The materials are welded and tested to specification by our highly experienced staff who are CSWIP certified by TWI. CSWIP is the nationally recognised qualification for geosynthetic installers and welders within the industry. TWI operates a Department of Trade and Industry accredited scheme for personnel certification in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024 through the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Enviroseal’s management and fabrication procedures are accredited to ISO9001 and provide fully traceable material documentation, installation reports and test records. We also offer independent UKAS accredited Laboratory testing for material conformance and weld strength.